Hello, my name is Ihuoma. I’m many things but I’ll let you in on the major ones—Christian, 3D Architectural Designer, food, literature and music enthusiast, joker and best aunty to the most adorable girl in the whole wide world. Her other aunties will tell you otherwise but don’t believe them. I’m from Imo State in Nigeria—the place with the most beautiful and intelligent women. Seriously, ask around if you don’t believe me. I put that there just so you know you’re in good hands. Please make yourself comfortable, read and enjoy.


You may notice that the blog is divided into 4 sections—Personal Development & Inspiration, Life & Lifestyle, Literary Corner and The Blogging Spot. Please keep reading to know what each section will be about.


Personal Development & Inspiration: In this section, I will be sharing with you some of the lessons I’ve learned so far; things that have helped me grow and become better. This section will cover topics on motivation, personal development and growth, character building and career.

Life & Lifestyle: This section will cover general, life gist—some random, others, not so much. There will be topics covering relationships (romantic and otherwise), religion, faith and spirituality. There will also be health-related topics because, why not, right?

Be sure to look out for the following categories in this section:

  • Random Musings: There are times that random and seemingly insignificant thoughts pop into my head. This section will cover any of those thoughts I may want to share. It could be some personal information about my life or my opinion about a certain topic. It could be me sharing with you some of the life’s questions I’ve always had, random thoughts on love, life, food, money…wherever the wind takes my head. There will be no rhyme or reason to the posts I share in this section. Some posts will be serious and melancholic and some won’t be that deep; I may share some of my rants…no, I’ll certainly share some of my rants. Too many things wrong with earth today. *sigh*
  • Story Time: These won’t be like my typical posts on lessons I’ve learned. It would just be me sharing personal, real life experiences with you. There will be no moral to the stories, however, if you learn something from my tales, it’s still all good! It’s still all good…
  • Banter: We can’t all have the same views about everything, right? So in this section, I would love, love, love to get your views and opinions on the various common issues or topics I will be raising. They will be things that we see and experience often.

Side-note: According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, banter is conversation that is funny and not serious. I love how Google defines it—to exchange remarks in a good-humoured and teasing way. Keyword—good-humoured; i.e., the intent here isn’t to stir up animosity nor antagonism. The point is for everyone to share their opinions on subjects in a light-hearted and respectful manner.

Literary Corner: Once in a while I love to dabble in writing fictional stories and poetry. This section will cover those two. There will also be book recommendations and reviews in this section.

The Blogging Spot: This section will cover anything and everything blogging-related—tips, tools, how-tos, blogging news, you name it, as long as it has anything to do with blogging.

I certainly don’t know everything and what I do know and write about will be limited to only what I’ve experienced. So, even though most of the posts on this blog will be written by me, there will also be some guest posts. So, that’s what Oma’s Serendipity is about…for now. Change is constant, right? And it can also be good for the soul. Therefore, to make this experience better for all of us and as the blog evolves, there may be additions or subtractions. I genuinely hope you’ll love what I have to offer. Please follow, subscribe, share, comment, like, etc., etc., etc.

Oh! Before I forget, you can find me on Instagram, where my ‘deepness’ is compressed into fewer words—@omasserendipity.

I can also be seen on Twitter pretending to be active *covers face*—@omasserendipity.

I have a Medium account as well, and even Pinterest too, but let’s take things slowly, shall we? One thing at a time.


Ihuoma F.I.