My Liebster Award


This post is, first of all, a public apology to Ijeoma of Ijefinelivin’. I’m quite ashamed to say I was nominated for this award by her since March.

*covers face and wails*

Fuuuuunkeee! Apostle must hear of this!

For some reason, I just never got around to posting it but I believe now is a good time as any, no? Right? Right? OK, great! Now, unto the award—thank you so, so much Ijeoma for this nomination. I’m genuinely honoured.


Oma's Serendipity Liebster Award



Like the Blogger Recognition Award, the Liebster Award is also a tag, where bloggers nominate each other to answer a number of questions and select other bloggers to do the same. The guidelines are as follows:

1. Write a blog post about your nomination, thanking the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post.
2. Display the award on your blog.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
5. Nominate 5-11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions as well.
6. List the rules in your post.
7. Inform the bloggers they’ve been nominated and provide a link to the post about your award.


•   •   •

11 Random Facts About Me

a. I have a great sense of humour.

b. I genuinely think I should have been an art or social science student and not a science student like I was.

c. I love scents/fragrances. I can use the last money I have to buy a scented candle or a fragrance oil for my burner.

d. I have a predominantly melancholic temperament, but I’m also phlegmatic.

e. I have a fro; been natural for 6 years and 2 months. I’m actually doing a pre-poo as I draft this.

f. I’m the first of 6 children…I’m the shortest in my family.

g. I love local Nigerian cuisine. Apart from our soups (my favourites are ofe nsala and ogbono with actual pounded yam, not poundo flour), I also love ugba, abacha, nkwobi, dodo ikire, pepper soup, ‘point and kill’, ukwa, ‘gizdodo’ and our local snacks. It’s rare for me to go to a Nigerian restaurant and order white, jollof or fried rice (except its native jollof or coconut rice, which I don’t eat often).

h. Malt is the best drink in the whole wide world. Shh! Don’t argue.

i. I am PETRIFIED of thunder, or any loud popping/banging sound—so sounds like gunshots, a bottle of wine being uncorked, fireworks, etc. I once made a joke to a friend that if (God forbid) I am ever a victim of a terrorist attack, it wouldn’t be the explosion itself that would kill me. It would be the sound of the bomb detonating.

j. I’m an absolute homebody.

k. If u wnt me 2 dslyk u rlly qckly, jes send me msgz lyk dz 2 comnik8 wiv me. Meaning…I can’t stand text speak.


•   •   •

Ije’s Questions and the Answers (My Answers are in Italics)

a. If you were to put one song on repeat which will it be? This is actually a very difficult question. Right now though, it’s between Like a Symphony by Nathaniel Bassey and Pentatonix’ cover of Hallelujah. (Listen to them and let me know what you think).

b. What scares you most about life? Not fulfilling my God-intended purpose.

c. Are you a movie or book person? What is the title of your most recent? I’m unapologetically a book person! Most recent book: I just finished Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, which I loved, loved, looooved!

d. What special powers do you wish you had? Easy. Invisibility!

e. Can you share a pet peeve or sweet spot with us? Pet peeve: Indiscriminate strands of hair everywhere—on the floor, on the bed, on the bar of soap, in the sink, in my foooood…ughhh!! This is why I don’t like to live with women. Sweet spot: Storm Rex’s voice.

f. If you were to be featured on a blog, which/whose blog will be your ideal? Hmm…I would say 

g. What do you think of children? I love children.

h. If you won a money lottery now what will you do first? and afterwards, invest or donate to charity? First, I would love to send my parents on an all-expense paid trip. Afterwards, I know the humane thing would be to say ‘Donate to charity’, but lemme not lie—I would actually invest the rest of the money.

i. What is the wrongest first impression someone ever had about you? Hmm…that I’m a snob. (I’m not; I just like to feel a person or environment out first before I become more myself. I’m actually extremely playful with those really close to me).

j. Do you sleep with the lights on or off? As soon as the lights come on, the sleep is gone.

k. What 3 words best describe your personality? Private. Creative. Intelligent.

•   •   •

My Nominees

a. Endi’s World
b. Pertunia Blossoms
c. Views and the Storyteller
d. Spoken Voiceless
e. Munachiii
f. Ramblings of Ms Mimi
g. Eyitayo Owoeye
h. The 365 Blog

•   •   •

My Questions for the Nominees

a. What’s your love language?

b. If you were stuck on an island with 2 people, who would you like them to be?

c. What’s your favourite random memory?

d. Are you smiling right now?

e. What 4 places do you absolute have to visit before you die?

f. What is the economic value of mosquitoes?

g. Who in your life does the colour ‘yellow’ make you think of?

h. Do you play any musical instruments?

i. Are you a morning or night person?

j. Do you think a university degree is necessary to be successful?

k. What blog, apart from yours, would you recommend people visit?


•   •   •

And that’s it! I look forward to reading my nominees’ posts (hopefully it doesn’t take you as long as I did *covers face again*)

•   •   •

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Mwah, mwah, mwah (those are cyber kisses in case you’re wondering),



12 thoughts on “My Liebster Award

  1. Malt is the best drink in the world!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Yesss! Congrats on your award 😊. I’m also thinking this science student thing was not really well thought out😅. I see myself pursuing something in the arts field when I’m done😅.


    1. Thanks a lot Joan!

      And, no. No drink is greater than Malt in my opinion. Lol!

      Hmm…I don’t know how it was growing up in Cameroon, but in Nigeria, a lot of us chose the wrong subjects because we made assumptions that sciences meant you had to be an engineer or doctor. And if you picked art subjects it meant you wanted to be a lawyer. If you went for the social sciences, it meant you were only interested in a finance-related career. We weren’t really told that there a ton of other options. But it’s great you found out now rather than later about your true interests. That way you can recover time a bit quicker.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. This post looks like so much and games! I wish someone would tag me to do it. About the whole science thing, you are right. In Nigeria, it is the same whereby career exploration is not really taught properly in schools. I started out being interested in sciences but quickly discovered that my calling lies in the arts, hence I moved towards marketing and communications!


    1. You, Jamila, have hereby been tagged! I would love to read your response. 🙂

      Career exploration really isn’t covered and it’s something that needs to be looked into. A lot of people have had time stolen from them because they didn’t realise they had other options apart from the popular ones. Thank God you quickly discovered what you’re truly passionate about.


  3. Oma!!! You know I told you that, in my head, we are best friends. Now, you like Pentatonix as well?! Who would have thunk it? Anyway, thank you so so much for the nomination. I bin dey look for blog post topic for next week sef, and voila, prayers answered.
    Here goes my acceptance speech …*clears throat* “I’d like to thank my parents for sending me to school. I’d also like to thank my manager, cast and crew, my fanzzzz, and most importantly, God”. This speech is actually nice.


    1. LOL! I’ve loved Pentatonix from the first time I heard of them many years back. Thank God for using me to answer your prayers.

      Lol at ‘fanzzzz’. Great speech. 🙂


    1. #shiftletmefaint LMBOOO!

      Ah… those guys have economic value oh! I’m just waiting to read some of the responses from the bloggers I tagged before I share my own answer. Lol


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