My Most Memorable Quotes From AMVCA 2017

I hope the title of the post didn’t make you do a double take. I know, I know. The AMVCA was over a week ago and the gist has become stale, and Africa has moved on to other things, and we’ve celebrated International Women’s Day, and the president is back in town, etc, etc. But please, don’t run away from reading just yet, I’m not going to talk about the best or worst dressed. I’ve left that for the fashionistas/fashion police.
In the midst of the typical speeches of “I want to thank God, the cast and crew, my mother, grandfather, enemies and all my village people”, there were two speeches in particular that strongly resonated with me. Being the inspiration junkie (I made that up and I’ve fallen in love with the title) that I am, these speeches sparked something inside me and I would love to share them with you guys.

Oma's Serendipity Best Quotes From AMVCA 2017


Below is a quote from her acceptance speech for the Trailblazer Award:

I’d like to thank the greatest scriptwriter that I know. When I first met him, I thought, ‘You can’t be real.’ He was just so…he already knows the story. He knows where he wants the character to go but he allows the character to influence his writing, still…even though he knows what is to come in that character. That person is God.

Of all the ways I’ve heard people describe God, of all the things I’ve read and heard people say about Him, I thought this was such a beautiful and apt picture to paint of Him. And then she said it while looking like this?

Somekele Iyama Dress
But just…LOOK!

Image Source

Ms. Idhalama certainly knew what she came to that event for—she came to slay and resurrect people’s futures, I tell you! She didn’t come to play. She looked absolutely gorrrrrgeous and when she uttered those words? I instantly became a believer in her ministry. Oh yes, indeed!


He produced the movie, 76, and the following is a quote from his acceptance speech for winning the award for Best Overall Movie:

The swift do not always win the race; the most intelligent, the smartest, the ever so creative do not always come off victorious. Victory, most often is reserved for those that persevere, those that refuse to quit in the face of overwhelming reasons…to just give up. In the words of Julie Andrews, “Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.”

Let me not lie, when he started saying “The swift do not always win the race”, I said “Huh?” and nearly rolled my eyes, but by the time he was done, I was nodding slowly, encouraged by his words.

Obama Not Bad

Image Source

It was timely for me and I believe they are words we should all hold on to when we feel like giving up.

So, those were my favourite quotes from the awards this year, but you know what? Out of all the movies that were nominated and won, I’ve not seen any. No jokes. I’m not really a movie/cinema girl. I prefer reading; you can’t catch me not reading (bookaholics where y’all at?! *I said that in Igwe Tupac’s voice*). I’m really keen, though, to watch 76, Oloibiri, Ghana Must Go and I desperately want to see 93 Days.

Which ones have you seen? Do you think the winners were worthy of their awards? Also, were there any remarkable moments for you while watching the awards? I await your comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

12 thoughts on “My Most Memorable Quotes From AMVCA 2017

  1. Yes! Somkele’s words were just it. When she started, I was eager to know who the person was, but then she mentioned God, and I was like “hmm great”. And yeah she looked really gorgeous.
    Lol, we’re together sis! Haven’t seen any of them. Actually eager to see ’76, Oloibiri and 96 days.


    1. Exactly how I felt as well, Atinuke! I was so curious, “Who is she talking about?”

      My dear, re not watching the movies, the situation is critical, lol. And I don’t even know where to find them. *Sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omo you just nailed it on the head o. These 2 were my favourite quotes I tell you. When somkhele started I was so curious as to hear who she wanted to call and then I heard God and had serious goosebumps. I haven’t heard anyone describe God like that and also when the man was saying the swift do not always win the race I was already zoning off lol till I heard him finish and I was like word. Lol.
    I have watched only 76 and I can say it’s a very good movie. I’m yet to watch the others but I really want to watch 93 days and Oloibiri.

    Well done sis. Greater heights you shall attain with this blog in Jesus name.


    1. ‘Goosebumps’ is JUST the word. Kai. I was so amazed! Loool at the zoning off. Thank God we gave him a chance, we would have missed something good.

      Thank you for your prayers sis. Means so much! xxxxx


  3. I am freshly inspired! Thank you heaps for doing this post, Oma because on top of the fact that I am a movie snob (I just don’t agree with wasting time watching something it took 50 takes to record no matter how much effizy they put into it, instead you can always catch me at the nearest play theatre :D) I am even a worse TV snob, so I missed the awards #bookwormandproud . I have only seen Somkele once (accidentally watching her on one popular ndani tv series whilst visiting a friend) and I knew immediately that she’s a great actress and is naturally profound with her expressions – so I am not too surprised she said that. I mean, wow. So apt! You know, they say if you want to learn about the nature of God – read His word but here’s another way that goes in tandem – observe how He conducts the lives of His children!

    And that Adonijah person just described Job 13: 13 – 17 (and my life!) – I agree wholeheartedly oh and won’t have zoned out at the beginning! 🙂 So now, I am encouraged to go look for all these movies. Yay!

    Please keep up the good work, you are a blessing! 🙂


    1. “I just don’t agree with wasting time watching something it took 50 takes to record no matter how much effizy they put into it” LOOOOL! Ugh! Teeellll me about it! Lol. I love theater as well. I’ve never been in Nigeria though. Lagos just decided to collect the best of the lot. So sad!

      Team #bookwormandproud all day, everyday!

      Somkele is a stunning actress. The Ndani series is called ‘Gidi Up’ (loved that show!).

      I zoned out at the beginning of Adonijah’s speech oh! *covers face* but it was a beautiful one.

      Thank you so much for your comment Lola. Your words mean so much! Xx


  4. I love this post. It shows how insightful a character you are. I mean, you could have just showed us the best outfits…go girl! I am not a movie girl either, but definitely not a bookaholic also. I can spend a whole day on YouTube though, chaiii! 😥


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